Today's Molkki Episode is on April 16th, 2021

Virender is the protagonist of today's Molkki episode. He chooses a Kurta to wear but abandons the plan after failing to notice the upper button. Though he considers Purvi, he chooses to wear a different Kurta. Virender is astonished to discover that practically every Kurta has the topmost button missing. He later phones Purvi and inquiries about it. Purvi expresses her concern by offering to stitch it. Virender inquires as to why she took the buttons off in the first place. Purvi insists she hasn't done anything like that.


Virender grabs her hands and sternly questions her about the buttons. Yuvi was supposed to spend the most of his time with Purvi, according to Purvi. Purvi goes on to say that she had returned home after a long time and that she simply wanted Virender to stay in the house. Virender inquires if she is referring to the children or if she also wishes to spend time with him. Purvi maintains her silence. Later, Virender instructs her to quickly sew the broken buttons back together. Purvi sutures the button while Virender stares at her, and the two share a beautiful moment. For a long period, they are locked in a stare.

Prakashi asks Virender if he's going to Mumbai in the next scene. Virender responds with a nod of his head. He informs Purvi that he intended to tell her the same thing and that he will return from Mumbai that evening. Virender takes the keys from his pocket and speaks. Prakashi extends her hand, but Virender turns the keys over to Purvi. Virender warns Purvi to be cautious because the key is for each and every room, as well as the safe. Later, Virender places his hand on Prakashi's foot and instructs Purvi to look after the house with Maa.

Purvi later visits Sakshi in her room and offers her food. Sakshi says she'll put the food on the table. Purvi isn't fond of the plan and warns her that going out is dangerous. Sakshi becomes more adamant. Purvi's keys, meanwhile, tumble to the ground. The latter is completely unconcerned. Sakshi is seen opening the locker at the end of the episode. In a nutshell, some bangles go missing from the safe, and the family discovers it. Purvi becomes agitated as well, and she resolves to discover the perpetrator as quickly as possible. A high-octane drama will be featured in the next episode. Molkki airs on Colors TV at 10 p.m., and you may read the written episodes on our website. Read more about Molkki Watch Online.

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